The ENBN hosted the FIRST EVER Minnesota Third Party Gubernatorial Debate!



The Third Party Gubernatorial Debate has been held and will be televised

MN, Minneapolis – October 19, 2014

The practice of candidate exclusion is a hot topic right now in Minnesota. Just this morning, three Gubernatorial candidates were barred from even watching the debate held at Hamline University.

Ninja Media International and Minneapolis Television Network (MTN) joined forces this year to

host Minnesota’s first ever Third Party Gubernatorial Debate. We invited candidates from the

Grassroots, Independence and Libertarian parties of Minnesota and held our debate on Tuesday,

September 30th at the MTN studios in Downtown Minneapolis.

While Hannah Nicollet, the candidate for the MN Independence Party, has been included in a

couple of the “Major Party” debates, the other two candidates, Chris Holbrook of the MN

Libertarian Party and Chris Wright of the MN Grassroots Party, have been completely excluded

from all debates. The fact that they are even on the ballot is being censored and overlooked by

traditional media. This kind of gatekeeping is precisely why we felt it necessary to hold our own

debate for them in the first place: to help the public know all of their options and to give voice to

all of the candidates who are practicing their right to civic participation.

Many public access channels throughout the state (15+ as of this writing) have picked up this

story and will be airing the Third Party Gubernatorial debate numerous times between now and

November 4th, many of them airing it daily.

A link to the aforementioned debate can be found HERE

Know your options, pay attention, and on November 4th, VOTE!


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